Adding value by a tailored and bespoke approach

Our Approach

In listening to clients, we established the Practice to provide services that enhance the recruitment process at all levels and believe we add value in certain key areas:

  • Constructive challenge based on prevailing market conditions
  • Independence of approach without restrictions in communication with prospective candidates
  • Diagnostic search and proactive head-hunt
  • Continuous and flexible assessment of key criteria throughout recruitment process
  • Long-list interviews to ensure only the best and most relevant candidates progress to final stage selection thus ensuring the best return on time invested by the Executive.

‘Brand Extension’

Fundamentally we believe we should be an extension of your brand and not the other way around. To all intents and purposes we will operate as an extension of our clients’ interests, values and culture.

As the nominated recruitment partner we will consistently and positively advocate the employer ‘brand’ of our client and build on our existing understanding to promote a strategic vision in line with corporate objectives and specific talent attraction needs.

‘Keynote’ appointments

Senior appointments should always effect step-changes in performance, reputation and delivery. Through detailed analysis of the core strategic objectives we develop recruitment strategies that are designed to identify and attract candidates that ensure an appointment goes beyond normal requirements and will make significant contributions to an organisation achieving and exceeding its corporate objectives.

Our recruitment processes are designed to identify those characteristics and traits that set aside candidates as high performers and are therefore likely to enhance a client’s reputation and performance across a number of important measures. We pay close attention to peer feedback on prospective candidates, professional accolades and measurable delivery against key performance indicators.

Quality of supporting materials and information

Potential candidates are most likely to respond positively when they have access to detailed and quality information about a role and are able to engage effectively with the recruiters. Effective marketing works, and we have extensive experience of producing materials that are both attractive and informative to different candidate markets. Whilst cautious not to over-sell, we will produce information that is designed to capture the imagination of prospective candidates and encourage further discussion.

National and international reach

We have become champions for the sector in which we operate and have applied this approach to attracting senior level talent from an international stage to various regions throughout the UK. As sector specialists our relevant networks extend nationally and internationally. We have access to the latest search tools and methodologies ensuring that we are able to attract individuals from around the globe. In the current global market for talent we routinely conduct search on an international basis utilising personal networks and international professional and academic groupings. We are well versed in dealing with all associated relocation matters and have access to all information required to promote the UK as an attractive career destination of choice. To this extent, we view all recruitment assignments as national and international projects and apply our methodologies to generate the widest possible pool of talent available.

Informed and Independent

As a professional go-between, Dixon Walter is able to engage with individuals and organisations without fear of compromise; being independent allows us to canvass opinion about our clients and the general market openly. Potential candidates are inclined to open up with a third-party in a way that they may not feel comfortable with if dealing directly with internal recruitment teams.

Our methodology enables us to gather honest opinion and feedback and have an open dialogue with potential candidates. Preconceptions can be countered, additional data and evidence can be offered and practical issues can be addressed. In such a way the recruitment process can be a valuable and informative process both to the benefit of the University and prospective candidates.

Diagnostic search and proactive headhunt

Time taken in preparation and gathering the views of all stakeholders allow for a detailed profile of any role and the ideal candidate to be developed. This information is used to build detailed and highly effective search approaches to identify and attract relevant talent.

During the search process, Dixon Walter will carry out detailed analysis of the market for relevant individuals. Carrying out research of those individuals and organisations likely to be of interest, we will seek out opinion and evidence to further pin-point likely target candidates. This highly targeted approach to executive search has proved to be highly successful in identifying talent with the right mix of qualifications, experience and other skills. This is also a highly efficient way to attract talent reducing the time spent on dealing with inappropriate individuals. Gathering opinion, feedback and utilising the mass information available on the internet we can also clarify reputation and other evidence of success to be sure that only relevant and able candidates are targeted.

This targeted approach to executive search has been proven to provide a high degree of success when compared to ratios for ‘passive applications’ to vacancies.

The importance of the candidate experience

Candidates will respond positively or negatively depending on how they are treated by Executive Search Consultants and this obviously has a major impact on our client’s ability to secure the best talent in a competitive recruitment market.

The view of recruitment as a two-way process cannot be overestimated and it is essential that candidates feel that they are being treated fairly, openly and in a positive manner. At Dixon Walter we pride ourselves on how we treat candidates in a recruitment process and believe that being available, well-informed, open, fair and encouraging of dialogue often makes the crucial difference in making senior appointments.

Effective communication and partnership

We are always able and willing to meet with key stakeholders to discuss progress and can be available on a regular or ad-hoc basis to discuss future needs or to respond to specific requirements. Our aim is always to build effective long-term partnerships.

As a long-term partner we will also consider future requirements in order to adopt a proactive approach to future talent-spotting. For major structural changes of known personnel moves we can plan ahead to identify markets and individuals in advance of requirements so that future needs are met efficiently and speedily rather than a reactive approach to meeting needs as and when circumstances require recruitment.