Estates and Facilities

Key to our success is the particular emphasis we place on identifying ‘industry-leading’ professionals from both the private and public sectors and work to engage and attract these individuals into leadership roles across these sectors and of course, we also identify, engage with, and track the best emerging talent, wherever they arise.

In addition, we have worked with a number of Directors to enhance their management teams, particularly in relation to Capital Development, Estate Operations and Management, Space Management and Planning, Facilities Management as well as Health & Safety.

Recent appointments include:

Aston University – Director of Health, Safety and Business Continuity

Dundee University – Director of Campus Services

Greenwich University – Director of Estates & Facilities

Heriot-Watt University – Global Director of Estates & Facilities

Imperial College NHS Trust – Director of Estates & Facilities

Leeds Beckett University – Director of Estates

Liverpool University – Director of Facilities, Residences and Commercial Services

Newcastle University – Director of Estates & Facilities

The Royal College of Art – an Estates Operations restructure project and campaigns to appoint the Director of Estates & Building Operations, Assistant Directors of Campus Operations, Head of Space Planning & Moves Management, Head of Building Operations (Hard FM), Head of Operational Security and a Business Continuity Director.


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