Assessment & profiling

The results of psychometric profiling can enrich your knowledge about candidates and can reveal important details which might, for a variety of reasons, otherwise be missed.

“Not only do three-quarters of respondents say they use psychometrics, but 78% agree that it is a ‘powerful tool’ for hiring… 88% of respondents [say] they have faith in test results.”

Personnel Today

Enhancing diversity

Psychometric testing can support the fairer assessment of candidates, identifying talent which might not otherwise shine through with more traditional selection methods. This kind of profiling can help organisations to stay more focused on equality and achieve greater diversity.

“Using criteria that are purely based on education and social background tends to lead to less diversity, but psychometric testing puts things on a more level playing pitch.”

— David Barrett in Personnel Today

Expert analysis

Psychometric assessments need to be administered and interpreted both carefully and correctly. Our fully trained in-house experts will gently put candidates through a series of exercises which measure ability and/or personality, and feed the interpreted results back to you to support your decision-making.

Candidate feedback

Comprehensive and constructive feedback from the psychometric profiling assessments is fed into the recruitment exercise in the most appropriate way, which includes discussing and exploring it with each candidate concerned.


Just what you’re looking for?

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