A fresh approach

Here are the top 10 benefits behind our fresh approach:

  1. No ‘B’ teams

    You’ll work closely with a very small team led by one of our Lead Consultants, to whom you’ll always have fast and easy access. We just don’t have any ‘B’ teams.

  2. Your critical friend

    We are consultants in the true sense of the word. So we’ll share our expertise; act as your sounding board; offer alterative perspectives; take you beyond your brief; surprise you with new ideas – and constructively challenge you, on occasion.

  3. Diplomacy

    The most senior appointments may need the most delicate interventions. We are seasoned experts in resolving difficult on-boarding negotiations, including salary deliberations and counter-offers.

  4. Added value

    With Dixon Walter, you get more than you expect. We’ll push your brief for a better outcome, provide detailed advice and guidance, and work exceptionally hard behind the scenes to keep everything on track. And we’re always happy to come to you.

  5. Careful attention

    Listening attentively to your brief might seem obvious, but you don’t always get it elsewhere. At Dixon Walter we listen, and then we act on it. It’s as simple as that.

  6. Genuinely bespoke searches

    Every candidate search we do is exhaustive, international and from scratch: we never recycle previous search results.

  7. Lateral thinking

    Our intensive experience means we track how the sector is evolving: we can identify new opportunities, especially around resolving business problems, and help you raise your expectations so that you recruit greater talent (or from a different source) than you’d foreseen.

  8. High levels of service

    We are meticulous and exhaustive in everything: candidate research; project management; candidate care; longlisting and interviewing; and monitoring, reporting & administration.

  9. Shouldering the burden

    Recruitment is a long and intensive process. We handle the majority of the work – while also putting in place all the building blocks most likely to lead to a successful outcome – so you need only concern yourself with key phases and decisions.

  10. Professional in all things

    We are imperturbably adaptable; unswervingly discreet; totally transparent and open; fully committed to equality & diversity; and able to deliver on even the most challenging and time-critical appointments.


“Excellent support beyond expectations extremely professional and prompt” (Candidate Feedback, 2021)


Just what you’re looking for?

If you like the sound of our style and approach, why not get in touch and talk it through? One of our partners will be more than happy to have an exploratory conversation with you, and there’s absolutely no obligation to progress.