Fixed Term Appointments

Finding the right FTC candidate can be tricky, however. A good contractor will display a particular set of characteristics – all of which we understand and can search for:

  • Credibility and authority
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to assimilate quickly and adopt the culture where appropriate – and where not, to challenge and change it
  • Ability to quickly motivate and lead a team
  • Ability to deliver the highest impact in a short period of time.

Fast, effective & discreet

The team at Dixon Walter has over 50 years’ combined experience; recruitment is what we do! This means we’ve built up a wide-reaching network of contacts – so we can reach out to any strong candidates already known to us who might be suitable for your Fixed Term Contract (and we can do it discreetly, if required). We can also mount a campaign to attract public interest from the right calibre of individual.

Search-only or fully managed?

In order to fill your short term vacancy, we can offer a range of alternative services – but we recognise that speed is usually of the essence. We’ll work with you to develop the ideal brief, thereby helping to maximise your chances of making a successful FTC appointment. And it’s all designed to minimise disruption. If you choose the fully managed route, you’ll benefit from a dedicated campaign microsite for your vacancy.


Just what you’re looking for?

Whether you have a brief right now or would like to chat through how we can help you in future, why not give us a call?