Campaign microsite

The benefits of a campaign microsite

  1. International

    Your vacancy will be seen anywhere in the world

  2. More traffic

    Your microsite will be seen by Google searchers as well as our website’s visitors

  3. Easy

    We’ll design and develop the microsite, so there’s no hassle for you

  4. Free

    There’s no extra charge when you choose our fully managed search & selection

  5. Attractive

    Our recruitment microsites look clean, fresh and professional

  6. 24/7 access

    The microsite is accessible at any hour and in any time zone

  7. Branded

    You’ll have the opportunity to add your company branding

  8. Informative

    We’ll display detailed briefing materials about the opportunity and your organisation

  9. Comprehensive

    Add downloadable files (such as the applicant brief) and links to your website

  10. Approved

    You’ll approve everything before it goes live.

Just what you’re looking for?

A recruitment campaign microsite is available whenever you choose our fully managed search & selection service.
Why not contact us to talk it through?