Search only

A growing number of our clients have seen the benefits of using a partial service approach to deliver in particular circumstances, for example:

  • For niche appointments
  • Where time is of the essence
  • Where there is likely to be significant competition for candidates
  • When looking for a very specific skill-set and experience
  • Where advertising may have limited impact
  • When other methods have failed to deliver.

The advantages of a search-only service

A search-only recruitment project allows for better dialogue and a real opportunity to sell the benefits of the opportunity. It ensures that control over the selection stages remains with your organisations hiring managers and internal HR function.

What does ‘search only’ include?

Our search-only service covers:

  • Briefing – listening carefully as well as helping you to enhance your brief wherever possible
  • Preparation – laying down the groundwork for running a fast, efficient and thorough search
  • Research – identifying candidates who meet or even exceed your requirements
  • Global searches – we routinely search internationally, using personal networks and professional and academic groupings
  • Head-hunting – approaching potential candidates professionally and sensitively
  • Longlisting – developing and delivering a list of interesting candidates for you to interview.

Just what you’re looking for?

Whether you have a brief right now or would like to chat through how we can help you in future, why not give us a call?