Why we’re different

We have an outstanding track record for making successful HE placements – and in fact we specialise in recruiting for HE. And we only handle the most senior academic and professional-services vacancies, with an absolute commitment to equality & diversity.

Supporting you throughout

Moving on is quite a big decision, so we’ll do whatever we can to support you. We will:

  • be sensitive and discreet in all our contact with you
  • only recommend you for posts which are right for you
  • offer round-the-clock access to information
  • make our partners fully available to you
  • advise you as you weigh up decisions
  • assist you with any delicate salary negotiations
  • do our best to keep everything moving smoothly and prevent delays
  • provide constructive feedback on your application, whatever the outcome
  • stay in touch during your early days in post.

“Dixon Walter have good credibility with candidates, which ensures a field of strong and committed applicants for any role.

— Ann Marie Dalton, Secretary of the University, Heriot Watt University

You can talk to our partners

You can speak to our firm’s partners at any time – something you won’t get with every search & selection firm. Our partners have superb knowledge of the HE sector, roles and remuneration, and will share that information with you. They’re here to help guide you towards your ideal next challenge.

Information about future opportunities

Develop a competitive edge by making the most of our in-depth knowledge of higher education. Besides keeping you informed of current opportunities, our consultants can offer insights on where new roles are being created in response to changing market conditions, shifts in national policy, and emerging requirements within universities.

CV and interview preparation

Making a good first impression matters, so we’ll guide you with your CV/application and help to prepare you for interview. We’ll also ensure you receive a high-quality, detailed briefing about the vacancy. We’ll explain the university’s recruitment process, along with any particular requirements and preferences.

Feedback & aftercare

Whatever the outcome of your application, we’ll ask for feedback from the university and pass it on to you. We’ll take the time to offer you honest, clear and constructive advice to support you in your career development. Once you’ve taken up your new post, we’ll stay in touch for a while to help ensure a smooth transition.

Stay in touch

Even if you aren’t ready to move on right now, or the position we approach you about doesn’t appeal, we recommend that you use the contact opportunity to compare thoughts and extend your network for future reference. Long-term relationships with the right head-hunters have often proved very advantageous for executives and academics alike.