Market & remuneration advice

We offer advice at any stage of the recruitment process. This can be essential during the initial briefing and campaign-preparation stages, because correctly positioning the salary for a role is significant in positioning the role itself.

And although we share information about salaries, we never share who’s paying or receiving those salaries. We protect our clients and candidates, and we protect their confidential information.

Who’s who – and where

Because we’re embedded in higher education, we know who’s moved, who’s thinking of moving, who’s moved but isn’t happy, and who’s been somewhere for a long time and may be looking for their next challenge.

Emerging roles & sources of talent

We track the higher education sectors in other key countries, so we see the new types of role which are emerging. We see how they’re working out, and what could be applied to UK higher education. We also get to see where talent is brought into universities from the commercial sector, and the advantages and challenges that come with it.

Remuneration advice

Seeing so many vacancies and candidates ourselves, tracking the market and networking widely means we know what people are getting paid. We know what roles are worth, and what good people can command, so we can help you set a salary bracket for any vacancy. And should salary negotiations ever start to get tricky, either with internal or external candidates, you can always call us in to help.

Just what you’re looking for?

If you need some support or advice with setting remuneration within your university, why not give us a call? Contact us.