Housing & Regeneration

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The Housing and Regeneration sector is one of the most complex, fast paced and specialist sectors, driven by technology, innovation and most importantly by exceptional professionals within highly skilled multi–disciplinary teams.

“The positivity, sky’s the limit approach, and helpful coaching have left me keen to work with Dixon Walter in the future” (candidate feedback, 2021)


Here at Dixon Walter our sector specialists have over 30 years combined experience of making connections that last and that drive innovation and future advantage.

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Housing and Regeneration


There have been some notable appointments across the sector in May. Take a look at our summary of this month’s key appointments. Good luck to all those embarking on new opportunities!

Housing and Regeneration


It’s hard to believe it is almost May and summer is nearly upon us! Take a look at our summary of April’s key appointments across the sector. Good luck to everyone taking on new challenges!

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